Handmade African Goods

Supporting Sew Fo’ Real is supporting the continent.


About Sew Fo’ Real

My name is Eunice. I started Sew Fo’ Real in 2019 to feed my passion for African print fabrics. I wanted everyone to have access to prints, color, and handmade goods inspired by Africa. The prints’ vibrant colors and patterns tell a story and I want to be a part of that story and add to it.
The aprons, totes, and sleep bonnets were hand made by me at the beginning, as my small business grew it was harder and harder to meet the demand. I decided to find vendors to supply my business.
In 2021 I flew to Ghana and met with vendors and factories to bring small pieces of Ghana to America and support artisans, tradesmen, and people native to Ghana. My business means so much to me, and brings comfort and joy knowing money from you all, is flowing back to the motherland to support the hustlers there as well as this hustler here.